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Dr. Shefali Batra is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Cognitive Therapist and Medical Entrepreneur. She earned her undergraduate and post-graduate medical degree in Psychiatry in India, and Leadership in Healthcare Certificate from UCLA, California. She founded MINDFRAMES to facilitate face-to-face as well as online consultation, assessment and therapy.

Her expertise is in different psychotherapeutic approaches – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness training allows her to work with a broad range of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, phobia, OCD, psychoses, mood disorders, personality problems, relationship disturbances, as well as lifestyle problems like addiction, stress, work life imbalance, academic and behavior problems in children; and the like.

Dr. Shefali has been committed to preventive and protective mental wellness services throughout her career. She works with clients of varied nationalities and communities across multiple geographies and time zones. With telecommunication we offer psychological wellness within the comfort of your own home using video consultation, emails, instant messenger, live chat and online assessment.

Self Assessment


Do connect with us to avail of different self assessment tools that offer you in depth analysis of how you feel, why you feel so and what can be…

Online CBT and REBT


Avail of emotive and cognitive therapy at the click of a mouse. Online consult options are available through video, email and telephone…

Planning a Workshop


MINDFRAMES provides fun filled and stimulating learning experiences for groups. These involve assessment as well as interactive participation…

Dream Analysis


Dreams are the road to your subconscious mind. Allow MINDFRAMES to analyse your dream so you listen to them and learn from them…

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